Trapping movement from a Nested Room

I know the answer is in the documentation. I really do.

However, I just can’t seem to find it, but I know that if I ask here, I will find it about 34 seconds after hitting Submit.

The PC is sitting in a chair. He is having a wonderful conversation with the NPC. I don’t want him to get out of the chair, or leave the room.

What method in the chair object (I’m assuming this is the spot) can I override to make sure he stays put?

– Mike

And if not, it’s always in the source code :slight_smile: In this case adv3/travel.t.

Overriding makeStandingUp() and dobjFor(GetOutOf) (the check() routine) should do it. They should exit the action when appropriate, and simply call inherited() when leaving should be allowed.

Ah, that’s the method I was looking for: makeStandingUp(). I had dobjFor(GetOutOf) working but could only stop the explicit STAND UP command by using the standUp() method in the PC’s object, but I really like having functional code in one spot – and this does the trick.

Thanks for that!

– Mike