translate a z5 file


I would like to translate a z5 game into my language. How can I do that?
I tried to disassemble it with txd from ztools. Ok, I have a source text file now, I can edit the text, but how I can recompile it? Or is there a better way to translate?

Is it a commercial closed-source game or one you can get the original source code for?

Translating a game without the original source is extremely difficult. There are more modern disassemblers that generate recompilable assembly code, but that doesn’t get you very far. You can’t just change the game text. So much of the game logic has to do with parsing commands (in the original language) and generating smooth, fluent output text (in the original language). You have to redesign all of that for the new language.

Just understanding what’s going on in the code is a heroic task when you’re looking at disassembly output.

You probably want to contact the original author anyway, to get permission. If you do, you can ask for access to the source code. They might say no, but then they might not want to let you do the translation in the first place.

Most games on the Archive are “neither of the above” – non-commercial, but without any published source code.

My next suggestion was going to be to ask for the original source code and permission, which you have already suggested. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers. I tried to find the author, but without success :frowning: The game would be “A Bear’s Night Out”. It was translated into two languages, so it is possible somehow…
I think I will try to find another game with source code, and translate that.