Transferring data between games?

Yeah, and Cryptozookeeper is >500mb (although it’s not an Inform game). The file size means nothing if you include multimedia in the number; you can increase the size arbitrarily just by changing the media format to something less compact. It would be more interesting if you unpacked the blorbs and compared the story file sizes instead.

Looking at the Glulx file only:

Blue Lacuna is 5.5 M.
Counterfeit Monkey is 6.8 M.
Kerkerkruip is 2.9 M.
Hadean Lands (current draft) is 2.0 M.

…But then, I’ve spent some time reducing HL’s memory usage. I suspect other Inform/Glulx authors haven’t bothered.

For Counterfeit Monkey the most significant concern was running speed, so I optimized for that rather than size. I wasn’t expecting it would ever be able to play on a small device, so having a small memory footprint didn’t seem like a big deal.

Yeah, if I hadn’t promised three years ago to ship HL on iOS, I wouldn’t be worrying either.

Fortunately the devices have been expanding to meet me, over those years…

Precisely - it’s not an Inform game. You’ll notice I limited myself to Inform games because those are the ones we deal mostly in, and it makes no sense to compare a game in a system with another game in another system. Because if you want to play THAT game, yeah, Cryptozookeeper is >500mbs, and 1893 is a respectable 67,5mbs.

Zarf did most of them. Flexible survival… the .ulx file… is 15,4. Still the biggest, but now it’s the biggest by a respectable margin.

Again, size by itself means nothing, I know that. I just think it’s worth noting - it’s a really big game file.

Also, going back to the original topic of the thread, well, Flexible Survival has a “savegame codeword” system that basically writes out to an external file a bunch of data that can be read back at will, thus providing a save/restore functionality that persists through the various different versions and additions. :slight_smile: I understand it doesn’t work 100%, because it doesn’t actually save everything that it should, but it brings us nicely back to the original topic.