I am doing a final playtest of my game, using transcripts to note down minor changes/errors I want to make/correct. I have been making the transcripts via Microsoft Windows Notepad. This is probably a trivial thing, but I notice that after having made a handful of transcripts, the program fails to print the name of the game in the banner text at the beginning of a new transcript, only the ID #, etc, like this

Start of a transcript of:

Identification number:etc, etc…

Is this just a little quirk of Inform, or MS Notepad??


Unless the banner is delayed, you won’t get a chance to type TRANSCRIPT until the game begins, which is usually after the banner. Type TRANSCRIPT and then RESTART and see if it puts the whole banner in the transcript as you’re expecting.

Thanks, Hanon, I’ll try it.

Or don’t give the player a choice, that works too! Just turn the transcript on at the beginning of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Draconis, lol.

That worked, Hanon, thanks. I’ve had my head buried in testing this game, hardly noticed I was starting the transcript too early (was testing the prologue over and over).