Trailer for Askaryl's Grimoire

This is a trailer for a piece of IF: … _blue.html

Actually, it’s a gamebook. Judging by the screenshots, though, it is at least a gamebook that is trying to move beyond slavish skeumorphic imitation of the gamebook. They’re taking small steps in that direction, anyway.

Alas, they chose an ugly and unreadable typeface for the text, something that other mobile gamebook makers are equally guilty of.

Anyway, they sunk a lot of money into that trailer. Hope they earn something back. So far it’s been nearly a week and there aren’t any reviews in the app store.


It’s hard to tell from the few photos of text, but it looks like their passages are on the long side for gamebooks. Did you see any photos with examples of decision points?

I don’t think they will (or have?) got much, if any, conversion from the trailer to sales. It’s a high production item which doesn’t feel connected to the thing you would buy, as it doesn’t show any of the gameplay or game content as is. I think you can only pull something like that off if there’s already a guaranteed audience who specifically want your game before it’s even out, and also know mostly what it will be like (EG Halo N).

There’s a million reasons why games don’t start to shift in the app store, and masses of luck, given the sheer amount of stuff that’s being sold, the tiny prices and the huge chunk of curve in which most people either make no money or lose money, but this trailer seems to be a significant miscalculation to me. Especially when there’s no followup trailer demonstrating the game itself. You can go from this trailer to a not very deep website or straight to a purchase. It’s an unlikely trajectory.

  • Wade

The oddest thing is that this trailer doesn’t even seemed to be linked from their website. And yeah, the main thing the trailer communicates is a lack of confidence that the game can sell itself in a trailer.