Total Glulx Space inside Inform7?

I know this info is somewhere, but i cant seem to find it…

How big can my Inform7 project be? I have been using inform for about 2-3 years now, and have decided to tackle a very large (size wise) project. Im curious what the limitations are as far as rooms or words. Or simply, a link to the information would be great

Thank You!

A Glulx game file can be up to 2GB. I don’t think anyone has ever actually hit that limit though, even with games like Hadean Lands and Counterfeit Monkey.

Oh, that is awesome news. That is def plenty. Thanks for your response!

The practical limit is that parts of the standard library start to get slow when you have several hundred objects in your game world. You can stave this off by adding some extension hacks, but it requires extra effort.

There is no practical limit in number of words. Two gigabytes is a lot of words.

It is!

Apparently you can fit over 40,000 typical Word doc pages on a 2 GB flash drive, where a typical Word doc page is 500 words.

So, if I7 were Word (which it isn’t), that’s a limit of around 20,000,000 words. Or approximately 43 copies of Stephen King’s The Stand. Or approximately 4.5 copies of the entire Wheel of Time.

(Yes, I had fun looking this up.)

Glulx compresses text by roughly 35%, so factor that in. :slight_smile:

I wonder if one could fit all the existing ZMachine games into one huge Glulx file. :slight_smile: My “Inform and Glulx” folder is 2.15GBs big, and some of that is feelies.

One could definitely fit all the Infocom games in one Glulx file.

Hmmm, a Glulx file as a game pack. Not practical, but fun to think about,

30,769,230 is too many words. (If I did that right.)