Topics in NPC coversations

I have a play testers wanting to implementing a “topics” system in my game where the play types “Topics” into the pharser and it gives them stuff to talk about with the npc. Any tutorials?

I think you’ll have to be more specific about what you’re looking to accomplish. Have you looked at the various conversation-related extensions for Inform?

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I change the description to be more descriptive.

There’s still lots of different things that could mean though. Are you asking about having the conversation interface to NPCs be some kind of menu system rather than the traditional text parser, or having the NPCs be able to be asked what topics they will respond to, or just the basics of responding to anything at all, or something else?


Also, editing your original post rather than making a new reply makes it less likely that someone will notice you changed anything.

As I said, there are many different ways you could go. A lot depends on whether you’re starting out from nothing and want to implement conversations going forward, or if you already have a complex web of conversations already implemented and want to add an extra feature without altering your existing text.

There are several different conversation extensions, plus the basics built into Inform itself. But the way you lay out conversations in each one can be quite different. Are you already using any extensions? Do you mind completely re-writing your conversations to fit the conventions of a different extension?