topics and compound commands

So I wrote something like the following code.

[code]“please” by Andrew

room 1 is a room.

Mister Knowitall is a person in room 1.

after reading a command:
if the player’s command includes “please”: [example 17.31]
say “Please do not say please.”;
say “Thank you for not saying please!”;

before asking mister knowitall about “please conventions”:
say “'Ah. ‘[the player’s command],’ eh?” instead;

check asking mister knowitall about:
say “The knowledge of [the topic understood] is beneath Mister Knowitall.” instead;

test know with “ask mister knowitall about please conventions/ask mister knowitall about please conventions.ask mister knowitall about z/ask mister about x.ask mister about y”[/code]

A period between commands usually splits them, but in this case it doesn’t. In this case, I wind up asking Mister Knowitall about “x.ask mister about y” when typing in the last command.

Is there any way to separate these commands for later, so I can ask about x then y?

Or, more generally, with two commands separated by a period, to be able to parse them separately?


I get a similar problem. It seems that the text token swallows up delimiters such as “then” and “full stop”. My guess is that this would involve going into Inform 6 to fix. However, I’m not always right.

Great, thanks. I’ve got a way around it but I was probably trying to be cute with my code anyway.