Top 100

So I guess the only thing is to set a tentative closing date, and to advertise?

Though I guess the form needs to go through some revisions

I already made a topic, because nobody seemed to mind and I wanted to (a) have a full month and (b) stop before IF Comp starts. If you want any revisions, please discuss them here, and I’ll be happy to make changes.

I’ve done a bb post at ifMUD, just to cover a few more of the bases.

Great. I’ll take care of Planet IF and the newsgroup.

Just wanted to mention that I find the format in which Victor posted his favourites exactly represents what I was hoping for. And I hope many people will follow by posting their favs.

Grueslayer: I’m glad to hear that.

For anyone who has been bookmarking this post:

A little update on the Top X. I now have 18 participants, who have voted for a total of 126 games. If my Excel wizardry… excuse me, if my LibreOffice Calc wizardry works, this is the way the number of votes per game is working out right now:

Games with 1 vote: 82
Games with 2 votes: 21
Games with 3 votes: 12
Games with 4 votes: 4
Games with 5 votes: 4
Games with 6 votes: 1
Games with 7 votes: 1
Games with 8 votes: 0
Games with 9 votes: 0
Games with 10 votes: 1

Which gives us a top 11, 23, or 44 depending on how strict you want to be. :slight_smile: If you haven’t participated yet, please consider doing so! Right now, every list of votes makes the project a lot more useful.

I now have 21 voters, and the number of games with only one vote is actually beginning to decrease – a good sign. The current histogram*:

Games with 1 vote: 79
Games with 2 votes: 27
Games with 3 votes: 13
Games with 4 votes: 5
Games with 5 votes: 7
Games with 6 votes: 0
Games with 7 votes: 1
Games with 8 votes: 1
Games with 9 votes: 1
Games with 10 votes: 0
Games with 11 votes: 1

Keep 'em coming; there are still two weeks to participate.

  • Ok, so it’s not really a histogram. I’ll admit it.

Another small update. We have 26 voters voting for 159 games. The current pseudo-histogram is:

Games with 1 vote: 87
Games with 2 votes: 37
Games with 3 votes: 12
Games with 4 votes: 7
Games with 5 votes: 7
Games with 6 votes: 4
Games with 7 votes: 1
Games with 8 votes: 0
Games with 9 votes: 0
Games with 10 votes: 2
Games with 11 votes: 0
Games with 12 votes: 1
Games with 13 votes: 0
Games with 14 votes: 0
Games with 15 votes: 1

You still have four days to vote!

I’m too lazy to count and too impatient to wait: What’s the game with fifteen votes?

You get three guesses. Bonus points if your first guess is correct.

Booo. More story, less puzzles!

OK: 1. Blue lacuna
2. Anchorhead

Victor, any chance of extending the deadline by a few days? I’ve been meaning to do up a list, but I’ve been too busy working on my IFComp entry…

Matt: wrong, and wrong again. The second one is pretty close, though. You are thinking about the right era.

Emily: the problem with extending the deadline is that I’ll be releasing the results just as we are flooded by IF Comp reviews. I was hoping to get it out early on the 1st of October, so that the IF Top would at least have about 24 hours of attention. :slight_smile: I definitely do not want to wait until after the IF Comp, because at that point the top will be outdated. Would it be possible for you to send me just a list of games? You can always do a more extensive write-up later.

Spider and Web, then?


Unfortunately I have missed out on the Last Lousy Point, and typing >UNDO doesn’t seem to do anything.

Sure it does. You just have to click the edit-button of the post with your first two guesses, and then I will award you the last lousy point.


Hey, Victor, are you going to be doing the IF Top 50 again this year? I just thought of it recently, and of how many new titles I’d pick if I voted again.