Tools for mapping interactive fiction games?

Hi folks,

what tools do you use for mapping interactive fiction games? Back in the 80s I used a pencil and a piece of paper. But, well today I got this fancy notebook and I want to to it the elctronic way.

While searching the web I found this tool
I also tried mapping with MS Powerpoint and various other tools.

So, what do you use?


Hej Jens…
Just out of curiousity, where are you from? I am from Denmark myself and your nick suggests that you are too. Am I right?

Anyway… back to your question.
I am still a paper & pencil guy. I like having the map right next to me when I create my game, but I will surely have a look at the link.
I guess I’m old fashioned in that way. I also printed out the manual for Adrift although it was available as a pdf file.

jens can be a german name as well, not uncommon

Hi Jens, there is a thread about mapping here

Hope it’s of interest to you. BTW I still use IFmapper.

Yup, thats right. Im from (southern) Germany. The more you move to the north of Germany the more popular the name will become.

Thanks for the thread. I found what I was looking for.


how about the brain?

I’d like to see your brain map an Eamon game. :slight_smile:

I use IFMapper myself -, for TADS and ZCode games. Those games output transcripts in real-time (as opposed to updating transcripts every X moves or something), and IFMapper uses those transcripts to guess an automap. It’s actually fairly good at guessing, and when it gets it wrong, it’s easy enough to correct.

For everything else, though, I also use GUEMap.

hmm, never heard of Eamon before…

old inclement stuff I guess. Perhaps even too many mazes of twisty little passages, all alike? Fun back then, just gratuitous sadism now. I don’t think games forcing you to think like a rodent are worth of my time and brain. :slight_smile:

I bought GueMap and it’s a great tool…
My only problem is that the last update was way back in 2007, and the programmer doesn’t answer any of my e-mails.
But a great program I can really recommend.

Wow. Lots of tools here- I just used MS paint. :slight_smile:

Popplet is a new web app (I believe there’s also an ipad app) that you might find useful for map-making. The web app is in closed beta right now, but I have some invites to give away if anyone’s interested (PM me).


Trizbort is a new, simple mapping tool for Windows. There’s a more detailed post in the general forum of this board.