Too sexy for this Comp

I would submit it, but my adventure is just too sexy for this comp. [emote]:twisted:[/emote]



If you want to talk about interactive fiction, this is the forum where you ought to be. If you want to post nonsense topics that have nothing to do with interactive fiction, this if the forum where you ought not to be.

Reading through the 3 posts this user has made so far… and despite the fact that an obvious trollish flame generated interesting arguments… I think we’re dealing with a troll.

Just so we’re clear on this, you know. So everyone can safely ignore the guy until he gets tired and goes away.

I thought we had a forum so people could get banned before they got tired.

Perhaps it needs a couple more moderators? Looks like there are only 2 that frequent here often.

True. Sorry, I spent most of my forum days in the AGS forum where never habing banned anyone was a point of honour - trolls were treated with amusement, were ridiculed, and were then ignored.

I guess this community has a slightly different history and doesn’t need this forum to become another R*IF.

There are no established duties for moderators beyond cleaning up the spam accounts and moving off-topic threads. Banning trolls, obvious or otherwise, is not something I am willing to do in the absence of a defined policy. Otherwise it becomes too personal.

That said, I have been sorely tempted the last few months to wield the ban hammer, never more so than when I saw this thread yesterday.

I think Ben is right to err on the side of freedom here. Merk seems to sometimes do some moderation, but it seems to me that the trolliest types have generally got bored/annoyed and gone away without being banned. Though in this case it might be reasonable to rant-tag the pictures.

The “foe” button is really useful here – click on the “profile” button below someone’s post, then click on “foe” and confirm. Then the person’s posts won’t display for you unless you want them to.

This is neither cool or amusing.

The rant tag idea seems to fall on the right side of the line, so I’ve edited the original post. I like that the moderation note is visible.

Apropos banning, does this forum support secret bans (aka hellban)? … llban.html

I don’t think those tools exist for phpBB.

I’m glad you liked them. lulz