To say talk to instead

Hey All–

Almost all of my dialogue is done with a TALK TO command. But I have some places where I need the player to SAY something to somebody, and I gleaned from examples that “To say talk to instead:” is the language. And it works fine.

But I cannot find the syntax for restricting saying something to somebody. For instance, I have a character in the game who I never want the player to say anything to, and the program stubbornly insists on picking that character first to say something to.

I’d like to do something like this:

Does the player mean saying something to Bobby:
	it is very unlikely.

But that throws an error. My “Does the player mean talking to Bobby: it is very unlikely” rule doesn’t cover this. And I’ve tried numerous variations on this with no success. What’s the language for this?

I think the built-in action you’re looking for is “answering someone that” – like if you type SAY BLARG TO FRED, the ACTIONS command shows you that that’s parsed as “answering Fred that ‘blarg’”. So this will get past the compiler:

Does the player mean answering Bobby that:
   It is very unlikely.

From your post I’m not sure if that gets everything done that you need it to, but it’s easy to write Instead rules or whatever else as needed.


Yep, that’s it. Huh. I never would have guessed that “saying” belonged to “answering”. So many quirky things.
Thanks again!

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