To carry another actor

I’d like to have the main character be able to pick an unconscious NPC up, but I don’t want the player to accidentally be able to do it using things like “Take All”.

My current approach is to remapCarry to Take, but then the problem above comes out.

Is there a way for me to have the Carry verb to “Act” like Take, but not to actually be remapped to it? I can write the code in the dobjFor(Carry), but it seems like this might be cleaner if it’s possible.

Actor class is implicitly hidden from “take all”, isn’t it? Look into actor.t, line 5922:

     *   Hide actors from 'all' by default.  The kinds of actions that
     *   normally apply to 'all' and the kinds that normally apply to
     *   actors have pretty low overlap.
     *   If a particular actor looks a lot like an inanimate object, it
     *   might want to override this to participate in 'all' for most or
     *   all actions.  
    hideFromAll(action) { return true; }

Oh! Well, that was easy! :slight_smile: