It is a good time to spend a moment or two and remember the 30 or so engineering staff of RMS Titanic. At 11:40pm, a hundred years ago, the great ship had an appointment with destiny and received that fatal blow.

The engineering staff of Joseph Bell (Chief Engineer), 24 engineers, 6 electrical engineers, two boilermakers, a plumber, the clerk and also the Guarantee Group (an elite trouble-shooting team of 8 from Harland and Wolff) all stayed at their posts until the very end. Whilst the great and good, rich and poor, brave and cowards struggled above them, the engineers toiled to keep the power on. Power needed for the pumps, lights and wireless.

None of the engineers survived, so no one can voice their brave story. However the ship stayed afloat longer than it would have done, didn’t roll over and power was provided right up until the end. This tells its own story.

The great ship broke in half around the 3rd funnel - the location of the cathedral like engine room. This sealed the fate of the brave engineers; they went to the bottom with their ship at 2.20am the next morning.

In the great scheme of things far worst disasters have happen since and are likely to in the future. But, brave men who selflessly sacrificed their lives to give others a chance of survival should not be forgotten.

Titanic victim Richard Otter
Titanic Engineers’ Memorial

Have you played “Jigsaw”? One of the scenes in that game takes place on board the “Titanic,” the night of the wreck.

I see your “Jigsaw” and raise you “Escape to New York”… by Richard Otter!

People who like narratively interesting games about sinking ships might also want to check out the Super Nintendo game SOS. From its Wikipedia article:

Though it is virtually unplayable, SOS is fascinating. The episode of Game Centre CX on it is very revealing.

This is not a game I’ve played, I’ll add it to my list of ones to look at.


SOS is playable through the modern magic of emulators. :smiley:

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you might also want to look up Starship Titanic by no other than Douglas Adams. :slight_smile:

BTW, James Cameron’s Titanic was just relaunched in (converted) 3D.

It is possible I’m a descendant but not been able to prove it…yet.

Cameron’s Titanic? Nah, I’m a Night to Remember man.

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On a more IF-y note, I recall the opening scenes at least of the early Apogee adventure Beyond the Titanic indeed take place on that fated boat.