Timing Issue

The following illustrates a problem I’m running into. Basically, a certain event (in the example, examining a whoozeewhatchamacallit) triggers a sequence of events to occur a certain number of turns later. When that time comes, I want an NPC to arrive and immediately initiate a conversation (using Eric Eve’s conversation package and its constituent extensions). What happens is that the NPC arrives on schedule, but the conversation is not actually initiated until the following turn. I surmise that the problem has something to do with the order in which the various instructions are processed, but I don’t know how to fix it.

I know that in the example (which is simplified to illustrate the point), I could avoid the issue entirely by having the text of Fred’s greeting printed as a “say” statement (which is how the text announcing his arrival is handled) rather than through a node introduction rule. This would not do what I need in the actual game (I need to set up a conv-node so that when Fred arrives, he is immediately set to give certain responses which are specific to this stage of the game, and I also want to set a list of suggested topics to talk to him about).

Given my own lack of sophistication in these matters, I’m afraid of tinkering much with the innards of the extensions, so I’m trying to find a solution which avoids the need to do that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

[code]“TimingTest” by Me

Include Conversation Package by Eric Eve.

Anywhere You Like is a room. A whoozeewhatchamacallit is in Anywhere You Like.

Fred is a man.

FredsHere-Node is a convnode.
Node-introduction for FredsHere-Node:
Say “‘Hiya, old buddy,’ Fred says, slapping you on the back.”.

After examining the whoozeewhatchamacallit for the first time:
FredReturns in 3 turns from now.

At the time when FredReturns:
Say “Your old pal Fred enters the room.”;
Initiate a conversation with Fred at FredsHere-Node.[/code]

Robert Rothman

There was a thread concerning this or a similar problem last winter:
“Trouble with NPC-initiated Conversation Nodes”.

Thanks, Felix – you have a good memory.

The problem that was addressed in that earlier thread seems to be exactly what I am experiencing. Since that poster apparently came up with a solution, I will try his approach and see what happens.

Robert Rothman

It so happens that I shortly need to submit a new version of Conversation Nodes to the Inform Extension site in any case to fix a small bug that’s just come to light, so I’ll see if I can do something to address this issue as well while I’m at it. I’ll probably add ‘immediately’ as a phrase option to the ‘initiate a conversation’ phrase, so that command like INITIATE A CONVERSATION WITH FRED AT FRED-HERE NODE IMMEDIATELY will do just that, rather than waiting for the end of the turn. With any luck I should be able to get this sorted and sent to the I7 Extensions site later today.

– Eric

Thanks, Eric.

I’ll keep checking the Inform 7 site and wait to download the new version rather than implementing the other suggested solution.

Robert Rothman

Sounds like you’re already addressing the other issue I just bugged you about. Sorry about the cyber-stalking! :blush: