Supposing I wanted to create a game which has a status-line clock, like in Jon Ingold’s ‘Make It Good’. But I want the clock to advance, for some actions, more–or less–than the default one minute for each turn. For instance, I might want ‘searching’ to take 2 minutes, ‘examining’ to take 20 seconds, ‘taking’ maybe 10 seconds, etc. Would I go through each root action and created action, and use an After rule, such as

After searching: advance the time of day by 2 minutes.

Though I have played a number of games with the 1 minute/turn format, it just seems rather obtuse for some actions to take that long, and others to take that little.

Okay, I found 4.1 The Passage of Time–but any other suggestions welcome…


The best thing is probably to use an extension. Variable Time Control by Eric Eve handles this, I think…