TIGSource competition

TIGSource is having its first IF competition here:

cool Lockett, thanks for posting that.

I’m going to write a game for this. Is anyone interested in collaborating in I7 (or TADS 3, my second choice)? The theme is Winter and/or the holidays/Christmas. Ideas off the top of my head this minute (who knows how they would work in IF):

  • a hunter comes down onto an ice plain and meets another hunter, they swap stories. A contest of stories, and at the end the hunter kills the other hunter because of a blood feud, made obvious in the telling of tales between them up to that point.

  • two Father Christmases have a contest

  • interstellar Christmas present delivery

  • Winter RPG, Santa’s elf quests to kill the Gingerbread Man.

The deadline is midnight of the 24th, btw.

[size=150]Proposed schedule[/size] (sure to be discarded):

12/11 to 12/14: design development

12/14 to 12/21: code development

12/22 to 12/24: testing

12/25: … fame and riches.

Sorry, I’m going to do my own entry.

That’s the best idea on the list.


I like Christmas…I am all over this.

Thanks for letting everyone know about it.

Another couple of ideas I had at work today:

  • soldiers in the trenches in WWI, play soccer on Christmas Eve (this is based on some story I heard)

  • Cold War spy shopping for his kid in Berlin on Christmas Eve, avoiding assasins.

  • Pacific Islanders face their first winter/Ice Age (Day After Tomorrow meets Kon-Tiki).

Did anybody here enter?

There are no entries posted yet, and since the organizer set the deadline to the author’s midnight, it might take a bit longer.

Unfortunately for me with the combination of holiday travel and other things I didn’t enter and complete a game. I did get a few good game sketches from thinking about it though.

Also I would encourage any of y’all to check out the TIGSource forums, they’re really quite cool for people interested in games.

Speaking of entries, the list of games entered is finally out! In total, there’s 4 Inform games, 2 ALAN3 games, 2 online games, 1 TADS3 game, and 1 Windows game.

A link has also been provided where all games, except “Breathe”, can be downloaded in one big ZIP file.