Through the Zorking Glass

What IF was like yesterday.

Ahhhh, I sure wish that I was there during IF’s golden age. That would have been so nice! :smiley:

It was fun. But we had no cell phones and no internet. Could you have survived?!?! :laughing:

I’m already going through withdrawal from not being able to use the comp for just 3 days. XD Yup, I won’t last a day…

I was also born too late (-78) to have been there, but if I’d been born earlier I wouldn’t have been aware of IF anyway, due to lack of both internet and computers. The world I would have lived in would not have been the world that included Zork, as I’m not in the demographic that would have even seen a computer back then, much less played a game on one.

Maybe we can all take comfort in the fact that we’re seeing higher output of IF, and of average higher quality, than there used to be in the golden days. :slight_smile: Looking back in nostalgia is a great thing, but actually having been born then? Nope, I much prefer it this way, when I can enjoy Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls as well as Short, Cadre, Plotkin, Ingold, et al.

And best of all, being allowed to play all these games for free! As long as you can find the right website. :wink:

Most of them for free. :slight_smile: