Threediopolis release 3

Threediopolis, from IFComp 2013, is now in release 3!

with many bug fixes, text tweaks, and new aids for the player. The walkthrough/logic was tuned up.

While the game is being uploaded to IFArchive, the dropbox link on the game page should work.

Empty commands now nudge you to an easy puzzle left, and some “close” sectors even give hints.

But wait! There’s even more! You now have a new game of sorts. There are 80 pieces of scenery to find in Threediopolis. They’re not intended to be easy, and you don’t have to solve them all.

Thanks to Sean M. Shore for some really great testing work to make sure my new features were up to scratch and even pointing out a really good feature that sadly had to wait for release 4 due to my own time constraints. I fixed a lot with his help, aesthetically and technically. I just hope the final changes I slipped in don’t cause a heinous crash.

Source code is available if you want spoilers.

Also, to view the scenery sub-game directly, type SEE NEW SEENS

Looking forward to other recent IFCompers’ revised versions, too, big or small. … -r3.zblorb

(Oh, and for those that might be curious: Shuffling Around and A Roiling Original should be arriving soon as well. Testers have been finding things to fix aesthetically and technically, but the bugs are getting less huge. I think.)