Three Seltani questions

So I had a few questions on Seltani:

  • Is there a way to change what prints in a player’s appearance? For example, I am building a world where darkness is everywhere. I would like to print a generic message. (“You can’t make out any features” or something. If this is possible, I’m guessing that since the player would be the one initiating the action, I wouldn’t be able to insert the name of the actor being examined in the description text.) I don’t want to actually change anyone’s appearance – just what’s printed in my Age.

  • Can I change my user name without creating a new account?

  • Can I change what’s printed when players leave (“The world fades away.”) and enter my world (“You are somewhere new.”)?



(Edit: Another random question added. As I learn a new system, it seems there is no end to what I want to know …)

No, none of these are variable at the moment. I’ve thought about all of them, and they’re all possible directions for expansion, if I get back to expanding Seltani someday (which I want to).

The system is set up to support user name changes, there’s just no interface for it.

The third one is tricky because I want to preserve the Myst frame story. On the other hand the Myst series includes other forms of world-travel besides books. (The Cleft, Bahro doors, the tablet bubble in Myst 5…) And a different server instance might not be Myst-based at all. So I’m thinking about server-level configurability, to provide one portal model, or a handful, or free choice.

OK. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll probably pester you (and anyone else who wants to answer) with more questions soon …