Three Ideas

Have you ever had ideas that could not implemented? Post them here, three at a time! Perhaps someone could use it for themselves?

Idea 1: A game where you play as a person. Soon you understand that you are actually the past self of someone else. Later, you find yourself in the room you started in. You see a person like you, picking up stuff and moving. Then, in a place where your past self couldn’t’t go, you see a note written by your future self.

Idea 2: You are one of the warriors of Greece, about to fight a war. The enemies come on a ship and when you look, you see Romans. Epic Greece v Roman battle!

Idea 3: You are now an old (wo)man. When searching the attic, you find a scientific paper proving that aliens exist. And another thing is that you wrote the paper.

Common Ground actually did something very similar, only switching between different viewpoint characters. And I’m sure Sorcerer and especially All Things Devours are not the only IF out to explore time travel in interesting ways.

There are a few more ideas here as well.