Threaded Conversation

I am using this extension, and the quip prompts got a little annoying.

When I turn the automatic topic suggestion off using the suggested phrase in the documentation:

The offer hint quips rule is not listed in any rulebook.

It seems extension stops updating the display list of plausible/available quips completely. I can still say them, but typing TOPICS does not list what’s available after the initial two are exhausted. I’d like the player to see available topics, but only when they ask for them.

One other thing is If the player tries to converse when there is no interlocutor, the game prints a blank line with no explanation. Is that expected? There is a “rule for expressing ignorance” but that doesn’t work if the game doesn’t know who to express ignorance for.

I’m having another problem now. I have a command that teleports the PC from the presence of one interlocutor to another. If the player was in the middle of a conversation, the previous characters dialogue quips are still displayed, and I can talk to them even though they are not present in the location.

I’ve tried both Conversation Framerworks: “Reset the interlocutor” command, and also blatantly forcing leave-taking. Both of these work, but if I type TOPICS before saying hello to the present interlocutor, I get a run-time error.

*** Run-time problem P5: Tried to access an inappropriate relation for nothing, violating 'Quip-awareness relates various people to various quips'

Normally these set the interlocutor to “nothing” - is there a better choice in this case?

Your best bet right now is to figure out how to fix them yourself; and then document the solution here so ChrisC can incorporate it into the extension when it’s released. These sorts of issues are the price you pay for using an extension before it’s officially released.

True. I am one of the testers and thought someone might know. Now that I have the hang of it it’s pretty nifty.