Thoughts on provisioning an IF game...

A few months back, since I became reintroduced to IF, I wanted to try making a short IF game to see if I could do it. Without the help of this community forum I probably would’ve never been able to pull it together, and all the help I’ve received has been much appreciated, so thank you! Text adventures were one of my favorite games back in the day, and I really liked Infocom’s “feelies” concept, so I wanted to experiment in creating some of my own to go along with the game.

I remember reading David Cornelson’s post about this, which gave me some good direction and motivation: … n-if-game/

I created some props and a nostalgic Infocom-style screenshot to go along with the game. These will be PDF’s, of course, but they should print out fine should anyone want material copies. So mouldering inside every copy of “The Unnamed” will be a map, a Playing IF Command reference card (using Zarf’s concept), a scholarship award letter from Miskatonic University, and a Miskatonic student ID card.

I’ll reshoot this scene using some different lighting and prop elements, so the final composite will turn out better overall. This early version is more of a test of what I have in mind.

The game’s in an alpha-beta state right now being tested by a few friends, and once I work out a few more kinks and do a bit of polishing, I’ll post a request for anyone here on the forums who wants to help beta test it further.

Thanks again to everyone who answered my questions here on the forum, this has really been a fun and challenging project and I’m looking forward to more!

Awesome. The screenshot is doing its job - I totally want to play!

I love getting and making feelies - it’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned.

That looks great. It’s a photograph? :open_mouth:

Really nice!

(Funny how that old floppy disk to the right looks more obsolete than a wax sealed letter …)

Holy smokes that’s awesome! That is really impressive. I think one of the things the Infocom team did really well was the whole packaging, feelies, etc. Even if its PDFs rather than physical props, I think it helps convey the atmoshphere of the game and make it much more than just what you see on screen.

There’s a whole universe of HP Lovecraft props out there on sites like
and much of it is available under creative commons license.

I’ve created faux Infocom packaging for the alpha release of my game (1950’s murder mystery):

(And there’s also a mild tie-in to Mistkatonic U.)