This may seems like a dumb question

Where can I find games written in Inform to play?

All the good ones are over here.

Note that that list is sorted in alphabetical order (punctuation and numbers first), so if you want to start with games people liked best you might want to sort by highest rating or number of ratings (that last gives you something like the IF canon).

If you want Inform 7 specifically and not Inform 6 you can go here

I am helpful just like Ryan Veeder!

I had no idea you could find games by system like that. That’s really handy, thanks.


Has anyone tried to play online? I just get switched to a page that says “Parchment is loading” and it hangs there.

Any particular game or all of them? What’s your browser? (Here, Safari 8 on Mac, it works, but some games - Counterfeit Monkey - take a while to load.)

I’ve got Vista on a Dell laptop, and it was Counterfeit Monkey I was trying to download.

Emily might chime in here, but Counterfeit Monkey plays hardcore on the interpreter with its text indexing and other tricks, and I’m not sure it works in the browser-based Parchment. Download a standalone interpreter and the gblorb and it will work.

A lot of games on IFArchive I’ve noticed offer to let you play online automatically, whether or not that’s actually the best way to do so.

If nothing else the web interpreter doesn’t show graphics, and seeing the map helps a lot as you go through the game.

The IFDB search tips page,, lists a whole lot of ways to filter your search - release date, average rating, number of ratings, language, development system… It’s extremely handy!