This looks interesting: The Black Crown Project

Something that I read on Gameological Society just now: An interview with Rob Sherman, the creator of The Black Crown Project. Rob (who I initially mistook for Robb Sherwin) seems to be coming into interactive fiction from more of a novelist’s perspective. I’m a little tetchy about the monetization scheme mentioned in the very beginning, but other than that, it looks like it could be very good.

I am currently writing a game on StoryNexus, and I have played The Black Crown Project. Don’t fear the monetization: the game involves several … I guess you’d call them “mutations” and other occurrences which are timed to play out over the course of real-time days. Using “Nex” (their currency), you can speed up an occurrence if you really want to hasten the story or follow a rare branch, but as with most FB games (such as Fallen London) there’s plenty of story even if you don’t pay.

Black Crown is … unique. It’s very oppressive and visceral. Sort of like if THE OFFICE involved archaeology and body-horror. The writing is top notch and there’s plenty of it - it’s a lot wordier than Fallen London. I played for a few weeks before losing interest. I was a bit baffled and vaguely revolted by the whole procedure, but that is very much the point. The message board is filled with active people playing the game, and the author is involved in tweaking the game and assisting people, as well as some hilarious side-roleplay in the forums as the authoritarian voice of Widsith Institute.