Third person female

Hello, I’m writing a game that uses a third person POV with a female protagonist.

I’ve tried the following:

+me: Actor
   pcReferralPerson = ThirdPerson
   isHer = true

This almost works. However, it keeps adding “the” before “she”. For example, when I type “inventory” I get the response “The she is empty-handed.”

Or, if I try to go in a direction that doesn’t exist it says “The she can’t go that way.”

I think you have to add isProperName = true.

From the docs:

isProperName en_us.t[792]
Proper name flag. This indicates that the ‘name’ property is the name of a person or place. We consider proper names to be fully qualified, so we don’t add articles for variations on the name such as ‘theName’.


That was it! Thank you!

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