'Them' in I7 6L38

this may have been discussed before:

So in older versions of i7, I used to be able to write:

The chairs are in the Kitchen. They are scenery. They are an enterable supporter. The description of them is "Wooden chairs.".

Now, the compiler doesn’t like ‘them’, requiring ‘The description of the chairs is "blah blah’…

It’s no biggie, but I’m curious as to why the inability to use ‘them’ in this context was introduced.

Is “Their description is” a compileable option?

I can’t speak for the I7 dev team, and I’m not even a native English speaker myself, but “The description of them” feels like iffy grammar, bordering on just plain wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if that were the sole reason for it being disallowed on some revision or other.

Huh. That seems weird that this neither works, nor gives a compiler error–it’s just ignored, as far as I can tell.

But this works:

The description is "Wooden chairs."

You’re right that this is a change, but I don’t know why it happened or whether it was on purpose.

(“Them” winds up being a separate off-stage object.)