The "You Will Select a Decision" Series

I’m still kind of amazed we don’t have a thread for this yet.

Fake backstory aside, I honestly think these game are pretty brilliantly structured and incredibly funny to boot. Is maga still doing those CYOA analysis/review things? Because these seem like they’d be a pretty good candidate for that.

Some quotes:
(From №1 - Small Child In Woods)

(From №2 - Cow Farming Activities on the Former West)

I’m stalled on them, but should really get back to them once I have a few other IF-y things off my plate.

Not come across these before. I got VICTORY END on first run-through of Small Child In Woods! :sunglasses: It was awesome.

I and my other friends definitely enjoyed these. We love “bad” translations both from human and machine translators. These “YWSD” stories went beyond that, though. They’re definitely a fun parody of the overall genre. Despite the theme of the works being displayed up front, they still managed to find ways to surprise and please me in charming ways. Soviet mind control indeed.

Oh man. I really have to check these out, now.

I remember a story of James Thurber’s where he discussed reading a French translation of an old Wild West novel. One line was

“Alors, je veux voir vos cartes d’identite!”

I think we don’t need to understand much French to figure what it should mean.

We played them together last week and had a blast. Highly recommended. Wade Clark’s review on ifdb says it all.

Have you seen the list of other books in the series?

I really hope Brendan gets round to ‘translating’ It Is Very Good To Be The World Skateboard Champion. That would be a whole heap of awesome.

That would be my next book of choice too. I hope it wasn’t just a momentary fit of cleverness to add these titles.

So I’m stuck between wishing it was #3 (so it’s the next one) and wishing he got around to it, it being #6. I had a think on a few titles myself, but I don’t think I’d actually go through with the books.