The Yearbook Office presents: Traveler

Hi again. I have been busy.

The Yearbook Office, an online literary magazine, commissioned me to write their first Interactive Fiction piece.

It’s a short long story called Traveler, and you can play it here:

It takes between 3 and 20 minutes to play through to an ending and is best with headphones. Please enjoy. :slight_smile:

pretty good, love scifi

actually got to Leap of Faith before Dear Mother, so I was somewhat spoiled… but fine

Turns out there was a bug preventing the Sleep ending from working! It got fixed very early this morning. Sorry to anyone who tried hard to get it and couldn’t!

Aha! No wonder I couldn’t figure that out. :slight_smile:

I really hesitated in my first playthrough. Even when it became clear what was happening, I hesitated to land on a planet and end things; I kept wanting to put it off, through some sort of protagonist-will-to-live.

I enjoyed it a lot, although I expected more sound. The engine drone was soothing.

Sleep didn’t work for me, but I got the other two endings.

Gave a good sense of the vastness of space. Great job!

I see. I thought I missed something.

I had sound off, btw