"The Xylophoniad" post-Thing release

Hello all,

“The Xylophoniad” now has a post-Thing release with artwork, and is available as a Windows executable with musical intro screen (music recorded using the bouzouki that I got myself as a ribbon-winning gift.)

Play online: http://versificator.net/xylophoniad
Zipped version for offline play in browser: http://versificator.net/xylophoniad/xylophoniad.zip (unpack and open index.html)
Windows executable: http://versificator.net/xylophoniad/The%20Xylophoniad.exe

All NPCs come with authentic Ancient Greek style redfigure pottery shard images like this:

Share and enjoy!

As always, thanks a bunch for the zipped offline release. :slight_smile: Looking forward to playing it!