The World Map

Ok, so I was making my game, all well and good so far. Then I checked the world map and I saw that the grids are almost all used up. As I continue making my game and add more rooms, will the map expand itself automatically or do I have to make the map bigger manually? If the latter, how do I do it?

Right now, this is how my map is looking like:


The easiest way to find out is to add some rooms and see for yourself, but yes, the index will always show the full map.

Thanks Juhana, I was worried that my map might run out of space. :slight_smile:

If that was the case, Andromeda’s useless rooms would be written on a block notes. A whole block notes :slight_smile:

Just curious, have you ever ran out of space? And roughly, how long does the story has to be before the map is full? Thanks.

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as running out of map space. You can add rooms, items, NPCs, actions and the like until Inform itself runs out of resources. There are ways (USE options) to increase what Inform will be able to process. I believe someone said in another thread that the biggest they suspected a game could be was around 4GB.

I can’t imagine putting that much into a game.

Blue Lacuna (one of the longest games written) weighs in at just under 5.5MB. I just test compiled a project with 315 “rooms”. I believe Inform also counts regions as rooms, so that number is somewhat inflated. There’s a lot of other stuff in it, but it comes in at just over 800KB.

I don’t think you’ll need to worry about running out of grid space.

Also worth nothing that Anchorhead, also a very long game, has around 120 rooms, not counting regions.

Thanks mate for that info. I very much doubt that my game will be that big. Also thanks to all others who helped; Juhana and Jamespking.

Since I rather suspect this problem will arise soon, your project will probably get too big for Z-code version 5 and give you an error, so you should go to the Settings tab and change it to Z-code version 8.

Or even better, Glulx. (Hasn’t that been made standard yet?)

Thanks Katz, I just checked my settings and made it z-code 8, but I don’t think I have what you mentioned Vic. Thanks both of you lodes :slight_smile:

It’s right under “Z-Code version 8” in the settings.

The one that says : Glulx (large)?

Correct. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks just making sure I wasn’t mucking up anything. Thanks everyone who helped again, this forum is great I have to say!

Better, unless you want the game to be playable on a phone without the internet (with Twisty etc.).

Thanks everyone for your help! :slight_smile: