"The Wizard's Skull" Scott Adams type adventure

What’s in the zip?

ScottFree Interpreter for DOSBox (for you die-hards!)
Adventure Interpreter for Windows 32/63 bit
The Wizard’s Skull - A fantasy Text Adventure by Jeremy Harden - Copyright 2012, ASTRAL SOFTWARE


The Lands have told many a tale of a Noble Wizard who fell from a curse that brought about angry orcs, two goblins and large troll that guards his Throne… The curse was brutal: the beheading of the enthroned wizard, and the greatest artifact of the Lands: The Wizard’s Skull. Do you have the guts and cunning to out smart the goblins? Can you make it to Castle Vesparax without a bridge? Do you know how to battle the troll without getting konked in the head and be sent to the dreaded DUNGEON? It’s up to you in “The Wizard’s Skull…”


The Wizard’s Skull WILL frustrate you if you do not LOOK at certain items, it will give you clues to what to do next. USE items if I are you to continue certain parts of the game, and TALK to the fantastic creatures of the game. LOOK at items that aren’t even items! That is a helpful hint from the author himself…
wizskull.zip (49.9 KB)

Please post your opinions, good or bad on here… I hope you like “The Wizard’s Skull”

If you downloaded an old version of this game, this update will fix some bugs and has other options, like a batch file for your DOSBox to execute ScottFree for DOS with The Wizard’s Skull adventure!

What’s in the zip?

The Wizard’s Skull directory (WIZSKULL) containing

  • Scott Free DOSBox Interpreter (should work with aDOSBox on Android 2.2+!)

  • Adventure Interpreter for Windows 32bit/64bit (works on WINE as well!)

  • WIZSKULL.BAT batch file for executing the Scott,exe and Wizskull.dat adventure file in DOSBox Mode!

  • The Wizard’s Skull.jpg for box art for a possible CD coming out with my adventures on it :smiley:

I am doing more adventures as of now, but there might be some that will be commercial and some that will be freeware for people to play… Although I KNOW that people can peek into my adventure files with Notepad or what have you, I still feel I can make a great venture with retro games!
WIZSKULL.zip (85.7 KB)


Just a bit of nitpicking!

-If you try to enter the hall without dropping the coin but being invisible, goblins claim they “see” you. That could be rephrased with something less confusing or contradictory, imho.
-Every time you enter the hall you become visible again. Ideally, that message should appear only the first time. If you go out goblins won’t notice you even when you’re visible now.

Not mayor flaws anyway. Just to let you know, the points where I got stuck were:

-Not figuring out I should “use map” at a certain forest location to find the lodge.
-Not being aware I should take a look at the wall at the south wall to notice I could climb it and find the crown. First time I got to the hall I just had the bare skull and didn’t guess why I couldn’t do anything with it.

As the game pretended, that last one was quite frustrating and made me look into the dat file in search for help!