The Windhammer Prize

I don’t think I’ve seen this discussed here, but it’s worth a look. The Windhammer Prize is a competition for short gamebooks (of the ink and paper variety). Authors submit their games as .rtf text files and it’s free to enter.

Gamebook enthusiasts have run it for the last four years and it’s produced some neat games. This year the deadline is September 7th and as an additional enticement, the winning authors get the opportunity to see their games published as iOS apps.

I read this when you posted it and I had a good old muse over different structures for a game book.

The competition stipulates that each book should have no more than 100 sections. With a greatly branching plot, each reading is likely to be very short. Longer readings could be had by having fewer choices, or folding the choices back in but that would make the plot a tad linear. I’m trying to think of ways that interesting, multiple choice [emote]:D[/emote] stories could be made that are neither too short or two linear.