The White Bull (ST2012 entry) - Stuck on walkthrough

The following lines of the walkthrough just don’t pan out for me:

[spoiler]ring bell

give skull and ball to girl[/spoiler]

The reason for this is:

Nowhere before these lines is a bell mentioned, nor is a ball. I don’t have these items. The ‘take all’ before this only supplied me with the skull.

If you play through the walkthrough carefully, you will have picked up …

… a ball of twine, which can be referred to as either ‘twine’ or ‘ball’. The little brass bell is automatically added to your inventory when you use the command ‘search box’ (or ‘search window-box’).

I agree that the walkthrough is a tiny bit confusing on these two points. I should perhaps have added …

… ‘i’ after ‘search box’ (which will reveal that you’re carrying the bell). And I could as easily have used ‘give twine to girl’ rather than ‘give ball to girl’.

Not sure why I did it that way, but if you’re playing the walkthrough as shown, the problematical commands should work.

Thanks. That should get me going again.

Maybe you should try the hints before resorting to walkthroughs?

Ah hell, I didn’t even realize there was a hint system. Thanks for pointing that out. :blush: