The Twitch Game Development category and IF livestreaming

I’ve noticed that Twitch has a special category and set of channels for people who live-stream their process of game design. Has anyone thought about trying to do this with IF? I think it might be interesting and/or informative (heh) to watch that and chat about it in real time.

I think most people figure it wouldn’t be very visually exciting, mainly.

Aaron Reed did a time-lapse of a typical day working in Blue Lacuna.

Interesting to watch. Once.

Yeah; usually when people livestream game dev, there is amusing glitchy action to watch with things like physics or game assets.

Heh. In an IF one, you’d get to see the author start mumbling, and start sweating, and hitting their head, and staring at the screen without typing, lips moving…

…which is probably far too close to everyone experience to be really enjoyable. :slight_smile:

EDIT - I actually wrote “far to close”! I swear I never made this stupid typos (I made other typos) before I started playing these many games! Lots of them twine, but a fair number of them parser too! Aaaaaaargh!

EDIT 2 - THESE! These stupid typos, not this!

Also, “this many games,” not “these.” :stuck_out_tongue:

…stick a fork in me, I’m done. Done for. :frowning:

I suspect that watching me work in Inform 7 would be more interesting than watching me work in Unity.

“What did Carolyn do on her livestream yesterday?”

“Three hours of fixing array iteration bugs.”