The Tree That Touched The Moon, a Twine roguelike (EDIT: first major update!)

Hi all!

I’ve just released a quick game I’ve been working on for the last two weeks or so.

Long ago, two great Sages planted a tree that grew so big it touched the Moon. Now the Sages are long gone and the Tree is infested with monsters. Still, ambitious mages venture inside, trying to recover its ancient secrets…

The Tree That Touched The Moon is a short and simple text-based roguelike. Fight enemies, collect spells and relics, and even fuse your spells to create new, more powerful ones!

You can play it here: The Tree That Touched The Moon by agat

I’m looking forward to your feedback; I’m planning to add more content to the game in the future.


I just played through the first part and enjoyed it! One thing I would love is the ability to pick up loot, perhaps from the corpses. The ability to combine spells is really cool.


I have published the first major update for The Tree That Touched The Moon. It adds a bunch of new content, fixes numerous issues reported by the players, and improves the interface and balance. Thanks to all who played the game and gave me feedback! I hope you’re going to enjoy this new version.

Here’s a detailed changelog: First Major update - new content and fixes - The Tree That Touched The Moon by agat

And the game can still be found here: The Tree That Touched The Moon by agat

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