The Traveling Swordsman - Source Code

I have now released the source code to Tales of the Traveling Swordsman. It’s on the official TTS page here:

The direct download is here:

This also includes design notes, and a “journal.txt” I kept before, during, and shortly after the game’s release into IFComp 2006. The journal has info about the game (why I made certain things the way I did, my thoughts on different story points), info about coding in Hugo (the importance of custom grammar defs, using properties, etc), and just some IF design theory in general. There are other .txt files with info about each chapter, and about two alternate endings that I never actually wrote. It’s a lot of junk for my own use, basically, but included in the source download for the incredibly bored among you.

I have uploaded to the IF Archive as well, and it’ll eventually move into the /games/source/hugo area.

---- Mike.