The Space Under the Window

I’m playing this, and I’m having a bit of trouble understanding if I’ve come to an ending. Should it be obvious? I realise this game likely doesn’t have win/loss conditions, only endings, but I’m just not sure I’m getting the whole experience. Is it very long? because it doesn’t seem to be. If the window shatters, does that always mean that you’ve lost, or is that included in endings?

It is very short. And I agree that the game doesn’t have win/loss conditions, so I won’t try to categorize the window’s behavior. :slight_smile:

There may be a complete map of it somewhere on the internet; I don’t remember.

Ok. I’m going to assume I “played” the “game” to all of its endings. I searched RAIF and read a SPAG review, which led me to believe that there was much more going on, or that it was much longer. But I guess the game just generated a lot of discussion. I really liked it, I must say, and I’d love to see more things like this. Thanks for writing it!