The Simple Tale

For anyone that is interested I offer a very early, but playable (at least for the first act and 70 or so locations) my game called The Simple Tale.

I have added an entry in the IFDB at

The game is I7 and has been in constant development since the early 1990’s on various versions of Inform. That being said, I am pleased to say that I have done more in the past week or so on this then in the last four years and realistically it is not far from Act 2 being started.

Any questions, comments, abuse then please feel free to post to this thread!!! :mrgreen:

I will look at doing the next update by end of April and post here and to IFDB.

Thanks for reading…

…oh and I appreciate that I have not said much about the game, that’s for anyone who decides to give it a shot to discover for themselves! :stuck_out_tongue:
TheSimpleTale.rar (118 KB)

Just letting you know a couple of things…

…first, you might want to include a download link to the IFDB page. It’s frustrating to see new entries with no download links. Makes me want to hurl my computer monitor at the face of whoever did it.

Second, your post makes me think you’re likely to keep bettering and updating your game. When you do, be sure to used IFDB’s “News” feature, so that everyone knows about it and can enjoy the new version. :slight_smile: Otherwise it might get buried without anyone knowing it’s been re-released. I feel this feature of IFDB is one of the most useful and least used.

Finally, I don’t understand whether the game you’re offering is completed/completeable. Does the game end after the first act? Or is there an uncompleted, untested second act in this version?

Thanks for your comments.

The first act is available to complete and there is a lot of stuff already there but I felt it would be a good reason to release to see generally what people felt generally about it. If we ended up with lots of it’s crap etc, don’t bother and so on then I’d need to seriously take a step back and try to find out what they don’t like about it or what (if anything) can be done to fix things.

I myself have tried to replay some games from the 80’s and I feel that I am wanting more then one line locations etc. A good case in point was the thread here where it’s talking about game sizes etc. I think although good writing is the source to triggering an active mind and vision of what the author is trying to say, in this day and age we need to really flesh everything out as multimedia has moved on so much it’s a case of getting the player to actually see want to see what happens next.

Based on my thoughts above, this is really testing the water with it to see “What now?” and how things go.

I have actually put the game on IFDB but unfortunatly it has to be moderated first, but it seemed a logical place to host it. I would have liked the file to be available from the word go, but in the age of spam and all the rubbish they bring, it’s understandable.

Finally, thank you for the tip about the IFDB news feature. All of this is fairly new to me as IF is something I have only recently returned to and I hope that this one game is going to be a worthwhile journey for myself and anyone that cares to play it.


How neat… :smiley:

Returned to work on this and found a puzzle that I could not get through, there is a coded message in the game. Now I did know the answer but could not break the code and how times have changed. Did a hunt online and found this site ( ) and it actually managed to crack the code with the right answer. :open_mouth:

Technology moves on and on while our brains just purely forget!