The Secret of Castel Lupo

Hello there,
We think you may be interested in the latest project created by our group of independent Italian developers, writers and artists.

In a nutshell:
Gamebook + Interactive fiction + Adventure game = The Secret of Castel Lupo

Our original Castel Lupo app, with over 50,000 Italian users, has just been translated into English. It is now available on the Apple Store and on Google Play: The Secret of Castel Lupo.

Our app combines traditional children’s stories with elements from modern video games. The main educational purpose of The Secret of Castel Lupo is to get young children interested in reading through play. The Secret of Castel Lupo helps develop the readers/players powers of reasoning and thinking: these skills are necessary to solve the interactive riddles to get to the end of the story/game.

Designed for children from the age of 8+, we feel our app is nice way create a passion for reading. Even though our app is targeted at very young users, we are confident that adults will also enjoy it.

The game includes two parallel stories, you can choose whether to play as Simon or his sister Violet. The castle where the story is played out is the same, but the puzzles and their solutions change radically. In a sense they are two completely different adventures.

In the game you will encounter twelve characters to interact with, thirty-five rooms full of puzzles and riddles along with some mini-games designed specifically to teach players about important moments of history.

The Italian version of the app has collected more than 50,000 downloads across Google Play and Apple Store and the ratings are very high; as I write on Google Play we have an average score of 4.6 (from 5) after 803 reviews.

If you want to try the app, we would really appreciate some feedback!

We are available to give you more background information if you need it.

For the faster users, here are two free promo code for you to use to download the full version on Apple Store or on Google Play
Apple Store: P9HE3MHFJEEL (Open the App Store app, look for and select Redeem and enter the code)
Google Play: V37EWBDZVDKZ00CB9Q23YV7 (Open the Google Play Store app, Tap Menu, select Redeem and enter the code or just click this link … 0CB9Q23YV7 )

These are the links to the app:

Apple store
Complete version: … 33586?mt=8
Lite version: … 12215?mt=8

Google Play
Complete version: … llupo.sell
Lite version: …

The lite versions of The Secret of Castel Lupo allow the user to play 20% of the full adventure.
The Secret of Castel Lupo doesn’t contain advertising banners or in-app purchases.

Last but not least, two more links:
Official website
Facebook page:

Thanks for your attention,
The Castel Lupo Team
Alessandro, Elena, Flavio, Luca, Paolo, Paolo and William


Nice game. i tried some of the light version on my android pad. Everything seemed to work smoothly. The game mechanic works well and the presentation is nicely done.

At first i was going to complain about permissions requested, then i realised this must be to support the social network integration. A clever idea.

I’m interested to know how you get on with a lite version in parallel with the full version. For example, if people play the lite version THEN pay for the full version can they continue their games.

Good luck with the game.

Hello there,
The savegames of the lite version are not compatible with the ones of the complete version.
However it should be easy to reach again where you arrived previously: mainly because you don’t have to re-read everything, you have to remember just what you have done (and it’s quite simple for the first part).
Thanks for your appreciations!