The Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction

Hi, I’m Inverted Normals. Or maybe Inverted Normals is me.
Congratulations to Brian and to all the entrants for their cool games. And thank you to Ryan for running a really fun exposition.


This is so exciting! I’ve really loved following along with the Exposition and playing everyone’s games.

I am Sarah Willson, a person who randomly saw the tweet about the first event and was instantly inspired by the prompt. I had so much fun writing Caduceus, and I’m honored to have it included among these other wonderful Entries.

I’m going to keep using this account as a memento, and also because I forget my other one and I can only remember using it once besides lurking anyway.


I can’t help noticing a little ambiguity here. Are you really Prismatik, or do you only want to reveal yourself as Prismatik? I might say, for example, that I want to reveal myself as Mathbrush, but such a revelation would be unjustified. (I loved Scarlet Portrait Parlor, by the way!)


I am Formless, the author of Gaia, Živa, Jarilo. I just want thank Ryan Veeder for putting all of this together. I got to play some amazing games, and I was inspired to create something that I really love.


My original intention as part of the Expo was to silence all the pseudonym accounts to prevent abuse after the competition (sockpuppetry) but everyone was polite and nice and none of the troll-y wrestling matches I predicted came to pass, so I probably don’t really need to do that.

I believe @Dannii created a method to merge two accounts together (subsuming one into the other and you can choose which is the “primary”), so let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in doing.


Is it my impression, or you sound a bit disappointed? :smiley:


I promise to be polite!

But if it’s better to merge my old account with this one, that’s cool with me. I found it, and it’s… [removes second mask] @rodentproof.