The Purpose of Feelies

If you do that, you’re taking on a side job in Amazon sales. Not everybody has the time or resources to devote to that.

By all accounts, it’s a sucky job. To succeed in it, you have to invest either a bunch of time or a bunch of money – or both – in Amazon’s opaque make-your-product-visible-to-enough-people algorithm.

Plus, until you sell enough of your stock, you’re in the hole for it. Which is worse than a 1-to-10% affiliate deal.


You’re exchanging profit margin for reduced risk. Fair exchange, imo.


True, for many sellers. Amazon management are scum. They run a dog-eat-dog site, and will grant sales to whichever fetid beast pays the most. ( Sometimes above the table, sometimes below )

But if you have the customers, you don’t have to play Amazon’s game. They don’t get to decide who gets the sale - you do.
You direct your customers to your product’s page on Amazon. You don’t have to worry about visibility. You control it.

Your feelie can be unique, because you made it so by taking a random cheap item and adding a piece of paper with your access code on it - sort of like a fortune cookie.

You need only use the URL for your item, and they get the code only if they buy it.
No competition, no bribes, no problem.


well, I’m all for “software feelies”, that is, .pdf (or .jpg) feelies bundled with the story file.

I’m currently uncertain about including feelies to my the major WIPs, but I was surprised in finding fonts looking near-exactly my mental image of “sharp, angular daemonic scripting” and of “flowing, quenya-like scripting” in one of my major WIP:
(pdfs can be uploaded directly here ?? let’s see…)
3firme.pdf (15.6 KB)

ok pdf can be uploaded; for who can’t easily figure, the top line is “Vhorr Knezejiki Azutejiki” (the name of the daemonic main NPC) and the last two one is one is a bit spoilerish, suffice to say that is “Etuye Alasne rym Iylem” and the other is the name of the other, angelic, main NPC, “Miryarai Nilasi Yie”.

Of course, are in our phonetic alphabet, but the actual scripting are a mixture of tironian shorthanding and japanese mixed ideographic/syllabic; of course now every IF player will put at the very low priority 'terp font handling… :smiley:
(I’m sure that gostak remaked in dingbat or even voynich characters font will be beyond cruel: my rating is “kill the weak and drive mad the strong” off-scale high…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


You don’t even have to bother with Amazon. You can sell your own feelies.

And you can make your own. Cheap 3D printers are around 200-250 USD now.


Yes, you can. But not with 3D printers. They’re too slow. The only way Prusa can do it is by having a warehouse worth of 3D printers. At that scale, it’s cheaper to just rent the services off a dedicated 3D printing business.

Even with SOHO business office, the equipment isn’t rated for industrial capacity. Your personal printer is only capable of printing several hundred pages per day due to overheating. Good for making prototypes, but not manufacturing.

Dropship business can be unreliable at times, but if you can curate good ones and manage them well, that’s a very viable option. It’s considered B2B transaction, actually very common set up.

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I get your point and largely agree, but I just want to point out that I would never be so ambitious as to need even a fraction of that capacity. I’m like that guy who sells 42 copies of his book, and his Mom bought 39.