The Problems Compound version 3-beta


It’s only been 3 weeks since my last tester request, but…this one’s a lot more focused, and it has a lot more commands to help testers.

You see, the puzzle at the end had a few bugs I couldn’t shake out. Testers’ transcripts also showed that it also required a lot of typing. So I 1) figured a way to make it so you can make a guess in one command, and 2) figured out a way to run different ways to solve the puzzle with just one big Inform “test” command.

The upshot is: I fixed some specific bugs, but I need someone who’s willing to try stuff I may’ve missed. It’s a random puzzle, but I’ve also got spoiler commands that tell you the answer–and you also will have a testing command that jumps you right to the puzzle. So hopefully it’s accessible whether you’ve seen the puzzle or not.

There are a few other small one-offs which would be a help (and which I think should be fun to look at,) but I can check them on my own.

So I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to check it out? A PM would work great.