The Problems Compound postmortem

3 parts so far, with a silly pop quiz. The rest will hopefully be cleanup. While writing it I realized I had so much to clean up as well as so many neat ideas to add for post-comp release. This will largely be about the work itself and not the fun times I had in the author forum. … postmortem

Immediate reactions: … art-1.html

On my testers’ help, and testing in general: … art-2.html

What it’s about: … art-3.html

(Also, this is an informal call for post comp beta testers. A couple of people have offered to help, but anyone else interested in helping has my gratitude.)

I enjoyed the wordplay (I do love me some puns), but found the environment a bit thinly implemented. I kept trying to interact with the scenery and not being allowed to, which was a bummer. I also was very much hoping for more insight into Alec, who seems like the kind of kid with an interesting inner life.

also, is there any way to

un-eat the cutter cookie to continue the game?

Because I found once I did that, the game was effectively over. At first I didn’t even realize there was more game afterwards, until I tried going through the doorway without doing that thing first.

massive props for the “Phantom Tollbooth” reference(s).

Yes, there’s a lot to add (especially in the final room, which will be much augmented next release)–but part of the point was, that Alec could only do so much. (Okay, part was time constraints.) And I didn’t want to distract people from the quest. And I think more scenery interaction would definitely help. It’s tough to balance implementation vs confusing the player with too much.

I’ll make it clearer that the cookie ending is not the right one. In fact, I may even block undo with a fourth wall nudge.

I already have code that writes at the end “No, that’s not the best you can do.” And I’ll also note to the player that they will be able to skip back to Pressure Pier. I have a command, and I think it makes sense in context.

I forgot to mention that a big bug was that I didn’t disable CONTINUE for the cookie ending. I did now. In fact, I re-did how the game ends.