The Problems Compound post-comp beta

Hello Everyone,

Well, I think I have all the new features and bug fixes in for The Problems Compound’s post-comp release, but they still need some testing.

TL/DR: I’ve got testing commands that can help you move around and test specific new stuff, and anything you can do is great.

The new features:

–new alternate good/bad endings where you have the opportunity to rescue Idiot Village!
–room name changes to go with the flow
–conversational game stopper bug fixed
–ability to jump ahead (4 different commands)
–tons of weird machinery in the bad guy’s room
–two foods besides the cutter cookie that give a “bad” ending (which is now clued as such)
–small ending easter eggs that show random game text/how to “visit” the bad ends and so forth
–ability to abridge conversations
–Insanity Terminal clues things better

You can see all the issues etc. at my shiny github site or you can see the release notes.

The puzzles are still the same so if you’ve played it, you’d be in good shape to charge through. A lot of this needs testing I can’t quite do on my own, so I’m looking for people willing to try a few things out. You wouldn’t even have to play through the whole game. Any help is big. I think it could be (gasp) fun and instructional, for anyone who is interested in writing their own game or doing things for their testers.

And of course I’d be glad to return the favor later!

If interested, PM me or send mail to (switch first and last letters for spam filter etc.) Thanks!