The problem of player content needs support.

One thing is, can the player put anything else on the marble bust? Because if not, instead of overriding the supporter rules, it might be easier to make the bust not be a supporter, make the article part of the bust, and override the rule that prohibits the player from taking a part of the bust. Like this:

[code]Gallery is a room.

The marble bust is a fixed in place thing in the gallery. “A marble bust is here[if the marble bust incorporates the garland], wearing a garland[end if].”

The description of the marble bust is “The marble bust [if the marble bust incorporates the garland]has a garland on it[otherwise]has nothing on it[end if].”

The marble bust incorporates a garland.

The can’t take component parts rule does nothing when taking the garland. [/code]

For dropping it from the room description:

Before printing the name of the bust: omit contents in listing.

For dropping it from the description of the bust:

The examine supporters rule does nothing when examining the bust.

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