The player is on/not on a sofa

Hey All–

I have the player on a sofa, and if they don’t get up themselves, I need to force them to get off it at some point. But “now the player is not on the sofa” doesn’t work; neither do the many variations I tried on “try silently getting off the sofa.”

How do I phrase this?

“try exiting” should work

or “move the player to the lab” even if the couch is in the lab


The logic of this is that the player could be not on the sofa in a lot of ways. They could be in the holder of the sofa (perhaps the room itself), they could be in a different room, they could be in a car somewhere entirely different, and so on. So you’re allowed to specify where something is, but not where it is not.


Aha. I need “silently,” otherwise it repeats the room description, but that’s the ticket. Thanks.