The perfect crime is a "thought crime".

Hang on. Are you - are you questioning George W. Bush? One of the greatest Republican presidents since Ronald Reagan?

I’m all for a little free speech around the edges, but let’s not get carried away.

Ah come on!
Even Nixon admitted wire tapping was illegal.
I think terrorists were planning to spread emotional chaos all along, rather than actual murder.
Now things like wire tapping and reading private E-mails are completely legal.

By the way, Reagen was more of a “yes man” than his “yes men”.

I just don’t see what’s so special about them.
Children are just smaller versions of adults with under developed minds.
For instance:
Film a flirtatious adult in a skimpy bikini and get famous from the Internet.
Film a flirtatious child in a one piece bathing suit and go to prison for a few days along with paying a hefty fine.

You’re kiddding right? You can’t look at a child, and see the difference between them, and full grown adults?

“Film a flirtatious child in a one piece bathing suit and go to prison for a few days along with paying a hefty fine.”

This statement depends…are you filming a little girl who is being flirtatious, or are you purposly trying to film a flirtatious little girl with a knowing mind of what you’re trying to achieve?

one is catching a little girls nature, which of course should be immediatly addressed by parents or guardian, the other is an act of perversity. One that should be punished.

hahah, Goerge w Bush, and his father are my enemies! haha…and bill clinton…and hillory clinton…and probably obama…hhaa.

And yet despite all those formidable enemies, it is spelling that is your arch-nemesis. You’re the only person I know who has managed to misspell an onomatopoeia. What’s your secret?

I didn’t interpret that as a misspelling! I think it’s the hoarse wheezing sound made by laughing so hard you can’t breathe. I’m intimately familiar with that sound because I make it every time I read your posts, Jacek.

Sweden has pretty strict censorship laws on this particular issue. Last year a Swedish manga collector and translator was convicted of committing an offence against the Swedish law against child pornography – for owning lolicon manga images. (He was fined some 800 US dollars.)

Apparently, the case is now to be decided in the Supreme Court of Sweden.

Swedish law does not make any distinction between photos or drawings (whether from a model or not) that depict underage people (i.e. people that look under 18 years of age) engaged in sexual activities. Actually, it would be illegal not only to own these mangas in Sweden but even to look at them at all.

Written works, however, are not censored. So, Nabokov’s “Lolita” and Casanova’s autobiography are OK as written, while illustrated editions might well be illegal. (I don’t know if there is much AIF with graphics – it sounds like a pretty obvious idea --, but if there is, some of it is pretty much bound to be illegal on a Swedish server.)

I have to go ahead and say something here. This entire Jacek Pudlo thing is an obvious joke. Looking back at your post history and your profiles, this isn’t for real. The fact that you can spot onomatopoeia, and spell it, says something, but it’s absolutely unnecessary for you to flash this kind of bitterness against another visitor without provocation. The others in the community might find your “humor” endearing, but I do not share their sympathy.

I’ve just started introducing my children (ages 10 - 12) to IF. I will be encouraging them to read this forum. I don’t find your sense of humor, if that’s what it’s supposed to be, appropriate, educational or encouraging. I’m gonna go ahead and ask you politely to knock it off, if you’d be so kind.

“Arch-nemesis” isn’t actually a word, by the way, no matter how often you see it in a comic book. If you’re going to slam someone’s grammatical sins, at least move out of the glass house.

Shh! You’ll ruin it! At the end, there’s cake.

I don’t think anyone can deny that George W. Bush was one of the greatest Republican presidents since Ronald Reagan.

Pudlo has been the most notorious IF troll for well over a decade. Just ignore him. Or…

go here, and click on “Add foe”. Pudlo’s flames will now be blessedly hidden from your eyes.

Except for those portions quoted by others, correct?

Which is a great reason for others never to respond to him. I apologize for my sins in this particular case.

Why not just ban him outright? His past conduct on RAIF/RGIF ought to be reason enough for a lifetime ban.

You’re like the guy who walks into the smoking area of a restaurant and “politely” asks everyone to stop smoking because he has asthma. If you want a child-safe environment, why don’t you take your kids to a theme park or the movies or out on a picnic? Why Bambify this forum, when you can take your kids to Disneyland and show them the real thing?

You’re a control freak so terrified of your own shadow, you dare not leave your house unarmed. Crushing a spider is a heroic deed of Homeric proportions for you. I can see why a picnic is out of the question. I can also see what hell you’re putting your children through.

That’s right. It’s two words.

[Jacek takes off his shades and stares David straight in the eye.]

If you so much as dream of banning me, you better wake up and apologize.

[Jacek leaves to the accompaniment of maniacal laughter.]

Oops. I’m back. I forgot my shades. Michael, could you please do the exit scene again?

[Jacek leaves to the accompaniment of maniacal laughter.]

Actually, the better analogy would be to someone who is sitting in a restaurant, attempting quietly to enjoy his meal, when some jerk starts walking around the restaurant and puking on everybody else’s table – which, in the eyes of most people, would justify a “request” from management to leave the premises or at least to control one’s regurgitative instincts. I second the suggestion to ban this joker.

Robert Rothman

Just let it go bro and make him a foe! (had to edit that to rhyme heh). I found his stuff unfunny and annoying, so that’s what I did to keep from even seeing it and wasting my time reading it.

no secret, just plain skill…not my fauly if I can’t spill, atleast you can red rite? lol