The Painter


I started working on a small and simple Interactive Fiction game that has the working title The Painter. It’s about a man that stuck in a mental hospital that try to escape from it. Never done a IF game before so it should be fun. To make it more fun (and harder i guess) i will not use a existing system but rather make my own in lua.

To keep it simple i will avoid having people you can talk to in the game so it will be more a explore the world and puzzle with the items kind of game. Some form of combat would be nice to have but i see how hard it is to make.

Well… wish me luck or laugh at my future failure :wink:

So basic rooms are setup, time to add ability to look at the static things in the room. Then it might be time for a first release to see if the system works on anyones computer :slight_smile:

When you say “more fun” - do you mean more fun for you as the programmer, or did you mean that it will be an improvement for the player in some way?

Fun for me to be honest :slight_smile:. I might add things that do not exist in other systems but mostly it is for me so i can have fun programming it.

That’s fair!

I wanted to ask because I suspected that (if you meant for the player) you probably weren’t aware of the capabilities of the system you were using. The existing IF systems are pretty spectacular.

But as a programming challenge, I totally get that. Glad you’re having fun!

I will try to port the game to iphone later. If any writers feel like helping out it later that would be nice also. The plan is to open source it in the end.

Without knowing more about your game, it’s unlikely (though not impossible) that other people will volunteer to help you out. After all, your project is competing for attention with everyone else’s solo projects, and many people are likely working on IntroComp and IFComp ventures.

So far, the information you’ve given us is:

  • it’s in a homegrown parser
  • it’s about “a man that stuck in a mental hospital that try to escape from it”
  • and there are no people you can interact with.

That’s not much to go on, if you’re trying to recruit more people to your project. There needs to be something interesting and unique about your project specifically that would draw people in.

If you are looking for collaborators, I’d suggest giving that some thought and then hitting the Looking for Collaborators forum. Alternately, you might want to consider entering IntroComp with the first part of your game to get feedback.

I’m not trying to recruit more people, i said that if any one would like to join later and help out that would be nice. If i was aiming to recruit more people right now i would not mention it in passing in a single line here but rather (like you mention) use the forum made for that :slight_smile:.

IntroComp looks like a good thing to try. Will read up on the rules.

So signed up for IntroComp :slight_smile:.