The ongoing draft of my IF history/theory book

Hey, everyone! I’ve bee compiling all of my posts on intfiction into a single book. My plan is to eventually write it up into a nice, academic-style book, but right now it’s literally just copied and pasted from my intfiction posts.

Except for the first few XYZZY Best Game chapters; those are already annotated and polished. I decided to put the link up now (and in my profile signature) so that people can have a place to find all of my content, and also because I’m going to write some more content for it in the upcoming weeks, pushing back the date of completion much further.

So, feel free to look over it, but it’s pretty messy right now and definitely a work in progress. You can find it here:

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you find blatantly wrong with it. Thanks,

mathbrush/Brian Rushton

Thanks for posting. A most interesting read!

I couldn’t be sure whether IF competitions (history & analysis of) OR IF design & theory in general, is the book’s intended central subject.

If the latter, i think there should be more general IF stuff, if the former, perhaps it should be reflected in the title or made more obvious somehow.

good luck!

Thanks jkj, I appreciate it!


Yes, if you want IF advice, that’s definitely the best place to go. I’ll rename mine to be more in line with it’s true focus, which is history.